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Willie B the Horse

Willie B

Considering it was my love of horses that got me really into art, it’s funny that I’ve only painted one in the past 20 years. Willie B is a gorgeous fellow, currently enjoying retirement on a farm in Kentucky. Painted in 2006. Oil on canvas, 18×24.

Willie B's reference photo.

Willie B’s reference photo.

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Still Life: Girly Stuff

Girly Stuff

From around 1992 while in college, a still life of random girly stuff. Lipstick, vintage cat eye sunglasses, pearls, perfume and a tarnished silver hand mirror. Acrylic on canvas, 16×18.

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Copy: Renoir’s Mother and Child

Renoir Mother and Child

Copy of Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s “Mother and Child” from college. Painted around 1993. Oil on board, 16×20.

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Copy: Renoir’s Portrait of Children

Renoir's Portrait of Children

Copy of Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s “Portrait of Children” from college. Painted around 1993. Oil on board, 18×24.

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Happy Lion Family


You know what’s annoying? I had a whole semester of animal painting, and this is the only painting I have. My stupid ex had the others, and wouldn’t give them back after we split. Grrrrr. Anyway, painted in 1994. Acrylic on board, 10×20.

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