Pricing & Ordering Information

8×10See some examples. Ideal for head and shoulder portraits only. Prices start at $125.00.

11×14See some examples. Ideal for head and shoulder portraits, or full body of cats and smaller dogs. Prices start at $175.

16×20See some examples. Ideal for full body portraits of any size dog or cat, or head and neck portraits of horses. Prices start at $250.00.

18×24See some examples. Ideal for full body portraits of larger animals. Prices start at $300.00

Other sizes available; ask for price quotes. 

* Prices quoted are for one pet per portrait. There will be additional charges for additional pets or a very complex background. Contact the artist for an exact quote.

* My preferred medium is acrylic paints on canvas board. Acrylics dry faster than oils, so there won’t be a delay while waiting for the painting to dy. I have a slight preference for canvas board over stretched canvas simply because it’s easier to ship (sturdier, too) and much, much easier to frame. With canvas board, any frame from any store will do and anyone can do-it-yourself.

* If you prefer oil paints or stretched canvas, let me know.

* Allow 2-3 weeks for completion; slightly longer for oil paints.

* A non-refundable 25% down payment is required for all commissioned portraits.

* A rough sketch or under-painting of the design will be emailed for approval.

* Upon completion, a photo of the painting will be emailed for final approval. It’s not finished until you’re happy!

* After final approval, the balance due must be paid prior to the painting being shipped.

* Shipping and handling charges extra, and depend on shipping location.

* Framing available upon request for an additional fee. Please keep in mind that framing will also add to the total shipping weight and charges.

Photo Tips

* Multiple photos are best. They’ll give me more of an impression of your pet’s personality.

* Take photos at eye level. If you take a picture of a smaller pet when you’re standing, looking down at them, they’ll look distorted in the painting.

* For best results, take photos without a flash. Outdoor photos give the best light and shadows. The camera flash tends to flatten an image out and make it look one-dimensional.

* Consider the background. If you don’t like the background in the photos provided, please provide photos or information on how you’d like the background to look. Also, keep in mind that backgrounds should be simple. You want your pet to be the main focus, not the background.

* Larger, high resolution photos are best. They’ll provide the most detail. It’s hard to paint a large scale portrait from an out-of-focus wallet size photo.

* Photos can be sent via email or postal mail. Any photos sent via postal mail will be returned in their original condition with the finished portrait.