Self Portrait with Trevor

Self-portrait with Trevor

I’m not crazy about this one, but I’m ready to call it done. It was mostly painted for practice, since I haven’t painted many people recently. And it’s a reminder why I love painting animals. There’s no egos involved. I don’t want to paint the skin folds on my chin and neck. But skin folds are adorable on a pug or boxer or bloodhound or bulldog. Lucky little furballs. ;)

The reference photo wasn’t a good choice. ¬†Trevor’s face, and mine, were at odd angles, and I had to amp up the shadows a bit, since the original pic was taken with a flash. Flash tends to wash out shadows. Natural lighting is best, since it has more depth.

Painted in 2013, acrylic on canvas board, 11×14.

Reference photo.

Reference photo.

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