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Beavis the Pekingese

My boy Beavis is a one-eyed rescue Pekingese who more than lives up to his name. Painted in 2006. Oil on canvas, 8×10.

Beavis' reference photo.

Beavis’ reference photo.

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Gracie on the Couch


My little Gracie, when she was still a little Gracie! Painted in 2005. Oil on canvas, 8×10.

Gracie's reference photo.

Gracie’s reference photo.

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Bandit was my childhood dog. He was likely some kind of collie-shepherd mix. Painted in 2005. Oil on canvas. 8×10.

Bandit's reference photo.

Bandit’s reference photo.

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Dotti Dotti Round Body

Dotti Dotti Round Body

Dotti, so named for the black spot in the middle of her nose, was my mom’s cat, and rather plump. Painted in 2005. Oil on canvas, 8×10.

Dotti's reference photo.

Dotti’s reference photo.

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