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Copy: Renoir’s Mother and Child

Renoir Mother and Child

Copy of Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s “Mother and Child” from college. Painted around 1993. Oil on board, 16×20.

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Copy: Renoir’s Portrait of Children

Renoir's Portrait of Children

Copy of Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s “Portrait of Children” from college. Painted around 1993. Oil on board, 18×24.

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Copy: Madame Paul Poirson

John Singer Sargent

Copy of “Madame Paul Poirson” by John Singer Sargent, probably my favorite portrait artist, painted around 1993 for a college class. Oil on Board 16×20

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Copy: Saskia in a Red Hat

Rembrandt's Wife

Copy of Rembrandt’s “Saskia in a Red Hat,” another painting from college. Lots of fun to paint this one, getting the right luster in the velvet and fur and the sheen on the pearls. ¬†Painted around 1993. Oil on Board 12×16.

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Copy: The Honorable Mrs. Graham

Honorable Mrs. GrahamCopy of “The Honorable Mrs. Graham” by Thomas Gainsborough, painted around 1992 while in college for my landscape class, because I found plain landscapes to be dead boring.

Oil on board 24×48

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