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Toby James at the Beach

Toby James

Toby James was painted as a combination gift for his fourth birthday, and a housewarming gift for my niece. I love the grains of sand on his nose, and painting ocean waves was a new challenge.

Acrylic on canvas board, 11×14.

Toby's reference photo.

Toby’s reference photo.

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Sarah, Eddie and Toby James

Sarah, Eddie and Toby JamesThis was a wedding gift for my niece Sarah, of her, her husband Eddie and their golden retriever Toby James. But I didn’t want to wait until her wedding to give it to her, so I told her the frame was her shower gift and the painting their wedding gift, and gave it early. I’m not known for my patience. ;)

It was my first time painting people portraits in ages, and I think the first time I painted a guy, ever. 2011. Acrylic on canvas, 24×36.

There were tears. Mission accomplished. :)

There were tears. Mission accomplished. :)

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