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Maddy in the Lake

Maddy in the LakeA portrait of my great-niece Maddy splashing in the lake, for her second birthday. Granted, it’s really more of a present for her mom and dad, but years from now, when she’s forgotten all the toys and outgrown all the clothes, the family will still cherish this painting. :)

Funny… they always tell actors not to work with kids and pets, and they’re both my favorite to work with.

Painted in 2013. Acrylic on canvas, 16×20.

Maddy's Reference Photo.

Maddy’s Reference Photo.

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Beavis, “I said good-day, sir.”


When I bought this doll-sized top hat at the craft store, the clerk asked, “Are you making a snow-man?”

“No,” I replied. “It’s for my dog.”

Beavis, my one-eyed Pekingese, looks like a proper British gentleman in this hat. I can’t not laugh when I see the photo, from the hat, to his stubby bowed legs, to how cute he is with a hair cut (his little tail!!!!), to his jacked up crooked teeth. I knew I had to paint it.

The uninspiring background of the beat up sidewalk and weeds were replaced with pavers edged in river rock and a flower garden.

Painted in 2013. Acrylic on canvas board, 11×14.

Beavis' reference photo.

Beavis’ reference photo.

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Sarah, Eddie and Toby James

Sarah, Eddie and Toby JamesThis was a wedding gift for my niece Sarah, of her, her husband Eddie and their golden retriever Toby James. But I didn’t want to wait until her wedding to give it to her, so I told her the frame was her shower gift and the painting their wedding gift, and gave it early. I’m not known for my patience. ;)

It was my first time painting people portraits in ages, and I think the first time I painted a guy, ever. 2011. Acrylic on canvas, 24×36.

There were tears. Mission accomplished. :)

There were tears. Mission accomplished. :)

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Willie B the Horse

Willie B

Considering it was my love of horses that got me really into art, it’s funny that I’ve only painted one in the past 20 years. Willie B is a gorgeous fellow, currently enjoying retirement on a farm in Kentucky. Painted in 2006. Oil on canvas, 18×24.

Willie B's reference photo.

Willie B’s reference photo.

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Copy: The Honorable Mrs. Graham

Honorable Mrs. GrahamCopy of “The Honorable Mrs. Graham” by Thomas Gainsborough, painted around 1992 while in college for my landscape class, because I found plain landscapes to be dead boring.

Oil on board 24×48

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