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Newton the Great


Newton was a giant of a cat with a personality to match. While he looks like a grump in his photo, he was the happiest, purriest cat I ever met, and loved to sit his 20 pound plus tushy right in the middle of your chest. So I gave him a little more of a smile in his portrait. :) Painted in 2010. Acrylic on canvas, 16×20.

Newton's reference photo.

Newton’s reference photo.


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Debby’s Three Cats: Harry, Louie and Izzy

Debby's Cats

I loved painting this one. Debby’s three kitties were jumbled up like a bowl of spaghetti. Painted in 2006. Oil on canvas, 16×20.

Debby's cats' reference photo.

Debby’s cats’ reference photo.


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Rambo Kitty


Rambo was the first cat who was “my cat,” as opposed to the “family cat.” And because I was a very strange 12 year old girl, I named him Rambo. Sadly, it fit. He was occasionally violently aggressive. He’s been gone since 1989 and I still wear scars!

I didn’t have one photo that I liked both his head and body, so I combined a couple, and put him on a fancy Eastlake style Victorian chair. Painted in 2005. Oil on canvas, 12×16.

Rambo's reference photo.

Rambo’s reference photos.

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